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Faculty of Agriculture

1. Dean Faculty of Agriculture Dr. Suresh Singh Tomar Chairman
2. Director of Instructions & Student Welfare Dr. B.S. Baghel Member
3. Director Research Services Dr. H.S. Yadava Member
4. Director Extension Services Dr. S.K. Srivastava Member
5. All Deans of Colleges 1. Dr. (Smt.) M. Billore, Dean, CoA, Khandwa Member
2. Dr. A.M. Rajput, Dean, CoA, Indore Member
3. Dr. (Smt.) Asha Arora, Dean, CoA, Gwalior Member
4. Dr. (Smt.) S.B. Tambi, Dean, CoA, Sehore Member
5. Dr. H. Patidar, Dean, CoH, Mandsuar Member
6. Heads of Department of Studies in the Faculty 1.  Dr. Y.M. Kool, HoD, Agril. Engineering Member
2.   Dr. J.P. Dixit, HoD, Agronomy Member
3.  Dr. J.S. Raghuwanshi, HoD, Agril. Eco. & F.M Member
4.  Dr. A.K. Singh, HoD, Plant Breeding & Genetics Member
5.  Dr. S.K. Verma, HoD, Soil Sc. & Agril. Chem. Member
6.  Dr. M.M. Patel, HoD, Extension Education Member
7.  Dr. V.K. Shrivastava, HoD Entomology Member
8.  Dr. (Smt.) Reeti Singh, HoD, Plant Pathology Member
9.  Dr. Rajesh Lekhi, HoD, Horticulture Member
10. Dr. V.B. Singh HoD, Agriculture Statistics Member
11. Dr. A.K. Singh, HoD, PMB & Biotechnology Member
12. Dr. S.K. Verma, HoD, Environmental Science Member
7. (a) Six Senior Professor employed in the service of the Vishwa Vidyalaya nominated by the Dean of Faculty in consultation with Director of Instructions and Student's Welfare. 1. Dr. R.L. Rajput, Agronomy, RVSKVV, Gwalior Member
2. Dr. V.K. Swarnkar, Exten. Educ., CoA, Indore Member
3. Dr. Ashok Krishna, Plant Patho, CoA, Indore Member
4. Dr. P.P. Shastri, Plant Patho, CoA, Khandwa Member
5. Dr. K.K. Mishra, Soil and Water Eng., CoA, Sehore Member
6. Dr. U.R. Khandkar, Soil Sc. & Ag. Chem., CoA,Indore Member
(b) Three Associate Director Research of Zonal Agricultural Research Station/ Regional Agricultural Research Station employed in the service of the Vishwa Vidyalaya nominated by the Dean of Faculty in consultation with Director Research. 1. Dr. S.R. Ramgiriy, ADR, ZARS, Sehore Member
2. Dr. M.P.Jain, ADR, ZARS, Indore Member
3. Dr. Surendra Singh Tomar, ADR, ZARS, Morena Member
(c) Three Extension specialist employed in the service of the Vishwa Vidyalaya nominated by the Dean of Faculty in consultation with Director Extension. 1.  Dr. Raj Singh Kushwah, Sr. Sci. & Head, KVK, Gwalior. Member
2. Dr. R.P. Sharma, Sr. Sci. & Head, KVK, Dewas Member
3. Dr. B.S. Gupta, Sr. Sci. & Head, KVK, Ashoknagar Member
8. Two Senior Head of the Section by rotation for a period of two years. 1.  Dr. S.N. Upadhyay, Prof. (Entomology.), CoA, Indore  Member
2.  Dr. V.P. Kumar, Asso. Prof. (LPM), CoA, Indore Member
9. Not more than two members, not in employment of the Vishwa Vidyalaya, as the Dean of Faculty may co-opt for a period of two years. 1.  Dr. A.S. Tiwari, Ex. Vice-Chancellor, JNKVV,  Jabalpur , 5, Sarswati Nagar, Mahalgaon Road, City Centre, Gwalior Member
2.  Dr. G.P. Verma, Ex. Director Research Services, JNKVV 108, Balwant Nagar, Gandhi Road, Gwl. Member
10. One member each of the other faculties as the Chairman may, with the consultation with the Dean of the faculty concerned, co-opt for such period as he may deem fit No other faculty (accept Agriculture) presently exist in RVSKVV and therefore not applicable.
11. Non Member (Secretary) of Faculty of Agriculture. Dr. Rajesh Tiwari, Associate Professor/TO, Office of the DFA, RVSKVV, Gwalior Member Secretary
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