P.G. & Ph.D. Courses Admission

1. M.Sc. (Agriculture)
2. M.Sc. (Horticulture)
3. Ph.D. (Agriculture)
4. Ph.D. (Horticulture)
Admission of Fresh Entrants:
Admission of candidates to Master and Ph.D. degree programmes shall be made via Online Joint Entrance Exam (RVSKVV, Gwalior & JNKVV, Jabalpur) on merit basis. The requirement of minimum OGPA/percentage of marks for admission to Master and Ph.D. degree programmes will be notified by the university.
Admission of nominees of Govt. Of Madhya Pradesh/ ICAR/Govt. Of India NRI and V.V. shall be considered by providing additional seats subject to fulfilment of minimum admission requirements.
Admission of In-service candidates to M.Sc./Ph.D. degree programme of university shall be made with the following guidelines:-
  •  One Candidate from each department will be allowed for PG programme in every academic session.
  • Candidates must have served for a minimum period of five years in the V.V. and must fulfil Minimum requirements as prescribed for regular students.
  • Selected candidates shall have to execute a bond to serve the V.V. for five years, after completion of their studies.
  • A Minimum of one calendar year must elapse after completing the course before the research thesis is submitted.
  • Maximum permissible period for in-service candidates to complete master and Ph.D. programme will be 8 and 12 semesters, respectively.
  • There should be a gap of at least five years between Bachelor & Master degree programme for in-service candidates.
  • In-service candidates shall be given weightage of one point for each year of service rendered to the university, subject to the maximum of 10 points.
Medium of Instruction:
Medium of instructions for all Master and Ph.D. degree programmes shall be English. The thesis work to be submitted for fulfilment of the degree programme. It should be in English and as per the Thesis Manual issued by the university.