Agricultural Economics

Background :

The Department of Environmental Science has emerged from the prior Department of Biochemistry, Physiology & microbiology in the year 2016.This will accelerate the pace of crop improvement with regard to change in climatic resilience resulting in higher productivity , quality and sustainability in agriculture, thereby improving the livelihood of farming community

Profile :

The Department of Environmental Sciences was established in January 2016 at College of Agriculture, RVSKVV, Gwalior. The PG programme in Environmental Sciences will start from the session 2016-17 with admission of 4 students. The department has one UG lab & one PG lab at present with few instruments. Some of the required /desired instruments necessary to carry out the research will be purchased in coming time. There is one classroom equipped with one LCD projector, Screen, Student’s furniture and boards.

Mandate :
  • To impart Environmental knowledge to students and develop research and evaluation programmes.
  • To develop bioremediation technologies for industrial and hazardous waste contaminated ecosystems along with recycling and reuse of industrial waste water for agriculture to check the degradation & loss of fertility.
  • To find out the impact of industrial waste on groundwater contamination and find the subsequent bio-remedies.
  • Studies on Carbon Sequestration and Carbon trading with reduce global warming effect
  • To offer structured degree programmes in Environmental Sciences.
  • To develop technologies to mitigate environmental problems for sustainable agriculture
  • To assess the possibility of recycling solid and liquid wastes for agricultural applications.
  • To develop scientific man power for assessing the environmental problems and to suggest suitable remedies.
  • To develop strategies for conservation and restoration of biodiversity and the healthy resilience of natural ecosystem.
  • To establish a centre for culture collection for environmentally important microorganisms.
  • To create Data base on Environmental Pollution and mitigation strategies pertaining to the State of Madhya Pradesh.

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