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College of Agri. Khandwa

The College of Agriculture Khandwa was established in the name of the former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shri Bhagavant Rao Mandloi in 1986. The college is located in the..

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College of Agri. Sehore

The foundation of College of Agriculture, Sehore was laid down by the first Food and Agriculture Minister of India, Late Shri Rafi Ahmad Kidwai on 01st August, 1952. This college originally named..

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College of Agri. Gwalior

This oldest college of the state of Madhya Pradesh was established in 1950 with the affiliation to Agra University and then with Vikram University, Ujjain. In the year 1964, after establish..

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College of Horti. Mandsaur

Mandate of the Horticulture College: 1) To serve as a center of teaching, research and extension in the field of horticulture agriculture and allied sciences. 2) To disseminate technologies to farm..

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College of Agri. Indore

Indore being an educational and a commercial hub enjoys the enviable status in the heart of the country Madhya Pradesh. Its history depicts a rich and prosperous agricultural production. The year..

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