Research Projects

Ongoing Research Projects
i. Crop Improvement Projects
1. Pearl Millets Gwalior
2. Wheat Gwalior
3. Safflower Indore
4. Cotton Indore
5. Sorghum Indore
6. Soybean Sehore
7. Chickpea Sehore
8. Pigeon pea Sehore
9. Pigeon pea Khargone
10. Mullarp Sehore
11. Cotton Khandwa
12. Groundnut Khargone
13. Rapeseed & Mustard Moren
14. Maize Jhabua
15. Arid Legumes Gwalior
ii. Natural Resource Management Projects
16. Dry land Agriculture Indore
17. Operational Research Project Indore
18. Cropping system research Indore
19. Management of Salt affected soils Indore
20. Weed control Gwalior
21. Water Management Morena
iii. Horticulture Projects
22. Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Mandsaur
23. Sub Tropical Fruit Grape, Mandsaur Mandsaur
1. Agriculture Research Lab & Institute Indore
2. Regional Research Station Indore
3. Soil Testing Scheme Indore
4. Regional Research Station Sehore
5. Regional Research Station Gwalior
6. Regional Research Station Bagwai
7. Intensification of Research on Mango Guava & Citrus Gwalior
8. Soil Testing Scheme Gwalior
9. Intensification of Research on Mango, Guava & Citrus Enthkedi
10. Horticulture Research Scheme (Seed Production) Joara
11. Sugarcane Research Scheme Indore
12. Potato aphid research Sehore
1. Agriculture Research Farm Mandsaur
2. Agriculture Research Farm Khargone
3. Agriculture Research Farm Khandwa
4. Agriculture Research Farm Bagwai
5. Agriculture Research Farm Gwalior
6. Agriculture Research Farm Ujjain
7. Agriculture Research Farm Joara
8. Agriculture Research Farm Indore
9. Agriculture Research Farm Sehore
10. Live Stock Farm Gwalior
11. Live Stock Farm Sehore
12. Live Stock Farm Indore
1. Fodder Research Scheme Gwalior
2. Strengthening of MP Agriculture Research Institute Khargone
3. Productivity Improvement of crops under Rain fed Area Indore
4. National Agricultural Research Project Sehore
5. Director of Extension Education Sehore
6. National Agricultural Research Project Ujjain
7. College of Horticulture Mandsaur
1. Improvement of Millets             Gwalior
2. Propagation of Aonla & Ber for Tribal Khandwa
3. Intensive Extension Research Project Gwalior
4. Intensive Extension Research Project Sehore
5. Intensive Extension Research Project Khandwa
6. Intensive Extension Research Project Indore
7. Intensive Extension Research Project Khargone
8. National Agricultural Research Project Morena
9. National Agricultural Research Project Khargone
10. National Agricultural Research Project Khandwa
11. National Agricultural Research Project Jhabua
12. Seed Production Programme at KVK Farms Shajapur, Dhar, Dewas, Bhind, Rajgarh, Aron (Guna), Badwani, Neemuch, Shivpuri, Ashok Nagar, Sheopur
13. College of Agriculture Khandwa
F. India Meteorological Department (Government of India) Projects
1. Agro met Advisory Services Morena
2. Agro met Advisory Services Khargone
3. Agro met Advisory Services Jhabua
4. Agro met Advisory Services Sehore
5. Agro met Advisory Services Indore
Externally Funded Ad-hoc Projects Sanctioned 2008-2011
S. No.  Title of the Project Funding agency  Principal Investigator Budget (Rs in lakhs)
1. Strengthening of infrastructure facilities for enhancing seed production programme of RVSKVV under RKVY ( 2008-09)    DAC Dr. H. S. Yadava 446.69
  Total 446.69
1. Management of soil health and fertility. DAC Dr. P. S. Tomar 180.00
2. Organic farming. DAC Dr. S. K. Dubey 205.00
3. Integrated farming system for sustainable rural livelihood in undulating and rain fed areas of Jhabua and Dhar districts in M.P. ICAR, New Delhi Dr. H. S. Yadava/ Dr. R. K. Pandya 351.62
4. Anti-inflammatory antibacterial immunomodulatory activity of Noni (Morinda citifolia) in experimental animals Transferred to Mhow. WNRF Dr. R. K. Sharma 9.99
5. National information system for pest management. ICAR, New Delhi Dr. P. P. Shastri 6.21
6.  Mapping and validation of QTLs associated with drought tolerance in chickpea. CGIAR Dr. H. S. Yadava / Dr. M. Yasin 11.56
7. Seed village scheme DAC Dr. H. S. Yadava 46.25
8. Modernization of agriculture university farms. ICAR, New Delhi Dr. H. S. Yadava 275.00
9. Creation of seed infrastructure facilities to RVSKVV. DAC Dr. H. S. Yadava 286.05
10. Financial assistance under RKVY. DAC Dr. H. S. Yadava 131.15
11. AICRP on Grape. ICAR, New Delhi Dr. P. P. Singh 50.08
12. Study on occurrence of native Rhizobium in non-traditional legumes crops grown in M.P. MPCOST, Bhopal Dr. S.K. Dubey, COA, Gwalior 8.20
13. AICRP on Maize. ICAR, New Delhi - 36.73
14. Impact of climatic change on agricultural crops. MPCOST, Bhopal Dr. S. K. Sharma 4.84
15. Establishment of model nurseries for production of quality planting materials. MPSPPM Dr. H. S. Yadava 72.00
16. Demonstration of Medicinal plant based system of cultivation and training on viable production of medicinal and aromatic crops in western M.P. NMPB Dr. D.K. Shrivastava 5.39
17. Study on agriculture marketing. Rajya Krishak Ayog, Bhopal Dr. A.M. Rajput, COA, Gwalior 2.00
18. National invesive weed surveillance due to contin. to 10-11. ICAR, New Delhi Dr. S. S. Tomar 92.36 (21.60 & 70.76)
19. Study on special tribal cast Sahariya at Sheopur. Adim Jati Kalyan, Sheopur - 37.40
  Total 1811.83
1. Strengthening of the infrastructure facilities for reason on integrated on integrated development of food crops and mechanization in seed production RKVY. DAC, New Delhi Dr. H.S. Yadava 85.00
2. One time grant support to colleges for up-gradation of laboratories and library and improving the functioning to promote agriculture RKVY. DAC, New Delhi Dr. H.S. Yadava 161.00
3. Construction of Library building. MANDI Board, Bhopal Dr. H. S. Yadava 526.91
4. Modernization of agriculture university farms. ICAR, New Delhi Dr. H. S. Yadava 335.00
5. Strengthening of the infrastructure facilities for reason on integrated on integrated development of food crops and mechanization in seed production under RKVY. RKVY, DAC, New Delhi Dr. H. S. Yadava 269.00
6. Promotion of hybrid seed production technologies under RKVY.  RKVY, DAC, New Delhi Dr. H. S. Yadava 36.00
7. Improving Productivity of Selected Irrigation and Drainage Assets in the Five Basins under MPWSRP. MPWSRP, PICU, Bhopal Dr. M.P. Jain, COA, Indore 129.60
8. Preparation of district wise contingent plan. CRIDA, Hyderabad Dr. M.P. Jain, COA, Indore 1.00
9. Pre-breeding and genetic enhancement in breaking yield barriers in lentil and Kabuli chickpea. ICARDA, New Delhi Dr. Ashok Saxena & Dr. R.P. Singh, COA, Sehore 25.02
10. Accelerating development and testing of parental lines for making better hybrids. DSR-AICSIP Dr. Usha Saxenena 1.00
11. Seed village scheme. DAC Dr. H. S. Yadava 8.00
12. Infrastructure facilities for irrigation and fertigation in various crops under pressurised system. MANDI Board, Bhopal Dr. R.L. Rajput 69.50
13. Infrastructure facilities for auditorium, guest house and faculty building. MANDI Board, Bhopal Dr. H. S. Yadava 691.43
14. Renovation and extension of agriculture college. MANDI Board, Bhopal Dr. H. S. Yadava 1127.00
15. Soil Health Card RKVY. DAC, New Delhi Dr. H.S. Yadava 279.00 + 90.00 + 81.00 = 450.00
16. BREAD: Overcoming the Domestication Bottleneck for Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation in Legumes. ICRISAT, Patancheru Dr. M. Yasin US $20,000/- (INR 90.30 approx)
17. National initiative on climate resilient agriculture for XI plan. IIPR Kanpur Dr. R.C. Jain 30.25
18. Improving farmer livelihoods and food security through enhanced legumes productivity in India and Myanmar. ICRISAT for EU-IFAD Dr. A.N. Tikle 6.00
  Total 4042.01
1. 2011-12 1. A cell on regular monitoring of agro economic system at Indore RKVY DAC, New Delhi Dr. H.S. Yadava 10.38
2. Validation of technology for replacement of double dollar chickpea in Madhya Pradesh RKVY. DAC, New Delhi Dr. H.S. Yadava 5.50
3. Collection, evaluation, conservation and use of existing land races of sesame RKVY. DAC, New Delhi Dr. H.S. Yadava 13.75
4. Development of CMS lines and transfer of male sterile cytoplasm in better agronomic base for New Hybrids in pigeon pea RKVY. DAC, New Delhi Dr. H.S. Yadava 6.40
5. Creation of infrastructure facilities and reforming the new university farm sir sod for research and seed production activities. MANDI Board, Bhopal Dr. H. S. Yadava 268.65
6. Pilot project on awareness cum surveillance programme RKVY. DAC, New Delhi Dr. H.S. Yadava 75.00
  Total 379.68